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Input PCI-Express, 1-Lane
Output DB9 M, serial port, 4-port output
design standard profile
Earn 499 points worth  40
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It sounds like you’re referring to a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) controller card, specifically one with four serial ports. PCIe controllers are used to expand the connectivity of a computer by adding additional ports or functions that the motherboard doesn’t natively support.

The “PCEA-S4” designation likely indicates the model or brand of the PCIe controller card, while “PCIE CONTROLLER 4X SERIAL” suggests that it has four serial ports (hence the “4X SERIAL” part) and utilizes a PCIe interface for connection to the computer’s motherboard.

Serial ports are commonly used for connecting devices like modems, mice, keyboards, and various industrial equipment. Having multiple serial ports on a single card can be useful in scenarios where you need to connect multiple serial devices to a computer that has limited onboard serial ports.

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